Stem Rise

Not So Fast

I'm thinking about changing my stem...looking to add a little bling.
I presently have 31.8mm, 8 degree rise. I'm not sure of the length probably about 3 inches.

I'm looking at the Thomson X4. It comes with 0 rise and 10 degree rise. I'd like to keep the feel of the bike the same. So does it make sense to go with the 10 degree (only 2 degree difference)? Also what difference does the degrees make in bike handling?

The handle bar questions will come later. Thanks... yall.:)


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if you have your bike setup properly for yourself, it will benefit you greatly to find the exact length of your current stem. A lot of stems have this # etched on the bottom somewhere. 3" is around 75mm which is way short for a stem.

As for rise, it can affect bike handling and overall comfort a bunch. The higher the rise, the more upright you are, which is probably more comfortable to a point. Also, your weight will be shifted further back, compared to a lower rise stem. If you add 2* to the rise, it not only brings the stem higher, but effectively shortens the reach as well.

A lower rise stem will put you in more of a racing position. It will put yor weight forward, which will make the bike twitchier downhill and make the front end harder to lift up.

Ultimately, without a proper fitting, it's all a matter of what feels good now and trying to stick close to it.
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