Steel frame repair



Does anyone know of a shop in the NJ area that can repair steel frames? One of my road bikes had a little collision and the top and down tubes will need replaced. I know of some places I can ship it but it would be nice if there was a shop I could drive to.


Shop: Halter's Cycles
Shop Keep
If you have a high quality bike than you might call Carl at Vicious Cycles Or Bilinki in Philly.

Either will do very good work.

I can't speak of anyone in NJ.

Good luck.


Steve Vai

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Second for Carl at Vicious, he's actually not all that far away in New Paulz, NY...



Thanks guys. I see that Bilenky is actually about 20 minutes from me and they can make the factory decals. The frame is an 1988 Trek 660, not the most valuable thing in the world but you know how it is when you find the perfect one. Kind of a shame because the entire bike is original and, except for the damage, almost new condition. Gotta get her fixed.
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