Steel frame bikes (Sorry but no 29er)


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Hi B's and G's.
I am on the hunt for a 26er hard tail steel frame bike. Fully built and ready to go. No SS either. Looking to spend up to $1000 but would like to spend less. I found one I liked. Its a On One 456 Summer Season but kind of hard to find. Can't wait to here the input and or shops to check out. Also don't care if its used.


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is the summer season like the old 456 in the way that the der hanger is welded on? when i was looking at frames i liked the geo of the 456 but wanted to be able to replace a hanger if i bent it and not have to have my frame fixed.


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LoL. So let me refrase this. Is there a lbs that has fully built bikes on the floor that are testrideable


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I know I know. I said steel. But it is looking kind of hard to find a steel frame for a good price. I am taking my time and still looking. I have come to like some others that are not steel. Voodoo, Cove, and Redline. Any thoughts on these?

Really liking Cove


I have steel Mongoose frame from the time Mongoose was making race bikes. It is IBOC Zero-G that i got in mid 90s. I was planning on building rigid to ride around but plans have changed.


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Hey, I've got a Cotic BFe. Essentially the same thing as the Soul previously mentioned, just a beefier tube set for the frame. I love the thing. Fairly short rear end and I built it with big wide bars, its super playful.

I dunno how big you are, but I'm about 5' 10" and mines a medium. I work at Planet Bike in Matawan and if you want we could arrange something for me to bring it to work so you could check it out if you wanted.

Here's a picture after a very thorough cleaning!!

Just let me know!

Scott D.


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wow..that's one handsome rig.
like a handsome blond man or beautifull blond chick:D

great choice of bling,man!


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Hahah, thanks so much guys!! Of course I've always liked it but its my bike, so it nice to get some outside love for it!

The bike really is great! So fun and versatile, I haven't touched my Nomad since I built it up!

Thanks again for the love!
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