SS Mary slated for Jenny Craig diet.......


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Tonight will be phase II of the leaning out of:

Recovering crack whore SS Mary who has now evolved into a beautiful WIGGLE Free, pleasantly plump fat girl, with no self esteam, and suffers from penis envy, will be going tubless.

Do any of guys know if I will be saving weight by going tubless? So far I've shaved a whopping .25 lbs.
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Tubeless - not necessarily no. In general, if you use UST rims/tires you're not going to save much weight, if any weight. If you use regular tires with stans, then yes you should. But the non-UST specific are not recommended by a lot of people.
Most tubeless tires have a thicker sidewall, hence making a heavier tire. Hutchinson's tubeless light series may be light because they are designed to be used with a sealant. I did not notice a weight difference either static or rotational between similar tube and tubeless tires. The main advantage is the lower pressure without snake bites.
The stiffness of the wheel seems to be a big plus resulting in more power transfer to the wheels is another big plus.
you'll probably save, at most, 100 grams or so. a little less than 1/4 of a pound. it all adds up though in the end.
I only recently went tubeless. The biggest reason I did not? Expense and no weight savings. You loose the tube (& maybe rim strip) but you gain a heavier tire (& maybe sealant).

When I was a total weight weenie, I kinda went by the dollar per gram theory. Any amount of dollars spent should save me at least that many grams. Sounds funny but you'd be surprised how many people use this equation when justifying purchases.

Sooo...what do you need to buy in order to go tubeless? What is it going to save you?
I'm goin ghetto, do you GUYS think there are any weight savings by keeping my XC tyres, using rim strips, and a bit of scujon??:confused:
Yeah what's up with scujon? You've managed to make up a word that gets only 1 hit on Google. That's pretty impressive.
Yeah what's up with scujon? You've managed to make up a word that gets only 1 hit on Google. That's pretty impressive.

Scujon: (Noun~): Anything pertaining to scuj, ei: shmag, as in schmagma, jis, as in jisum, schar, as is well, you know.

Usage: My wife found a towel in my workshop, she asked

Wife: "'what is this scujon in my nice Bed Bath Beyond towel?"
Flats: "Thats not scujon, thats Stans"
Wife: "whats Stans"
Flats:"Stans is this schmagma type jisum I put in my tyres"
Wife:"Why do you ruin everything thats nice in the house?"
Flats"Shut up you crack whore, I scharded my pants riding XC and was smart enough to clean it up with the cheopo walmart towels, leave me alone"
Isn't it jism? I would have used the word spooj. Those of you who have delicate sensibilities may not want to click there. Totally SFW but you know.

Anyway, nice conversation recap with your wife.
schmegma is not the same as jizm. schmegma is the gooey dead skin cheese that builds up between two constantly touching pieces of skin, like in between an overweight person's 'rolls', if they have poor personal hygiene. you youngsters and your missappropriation of slang....

the stock rim strip on your bike will not work with stans unless it's a tubeless rim strip. if you're putting a sliced 26" tube over the rim to go tubeless, then it probably will work just fine.
ok, (stretches and cracks fingers), here we go:
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That's see how long it take for this post to be taken down.
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