SS/geared hub swap??


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ok, lets see what the new MTBNJ has to offer with this one. :D

before i got addicted to SS, i had a set of mavics laced up for my fuel with what should hopefully be "clydeproof" hubs. these expensive pieces of art are now basically collecting dust as i beat on the SS i bought. i'm sure it's possible, but how PRACTICAL is it to convert these for SS use (which will be most of my riding from now on) and then convert them back should i decide to use those new-fangled gears and squishyness? i'll make due with what i have for this year (unless i win the lottery) but next year i'm looking for a serious upgrade. any guidance would be much appreciated. thanks!

when i do eventually decide to convert, i'll likely go sulry unless someone has a better, more "clydeproof" product. but five minutes? that's really good news.

btw, who the hell put this in the races and rides forum?? :D
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heythorp said:
Happy now,

yes, thank you. :D

heythorp said:
All you need then is the surly cog and the spacer kit, a lock ring tool and a chain whip

...and a cool frame to hold it all together. i think this is really the best option for me. i don't necessarily think i need a high zoot frame but i would like to get something nice and build it up myself. i need to do some research on who makes good SS frames.
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Well building up a frame is more then you bargin for sometimes.

Depending on the frame you may have to get the bottom braket and head tube raced and faced. But once that has been solved building up is not such a big deal. To be honest with you, with the power you put out I would get a bike with horizontal drops. I wouldnt mess around with the chain tensioner. But with that said, Ride what you got until you brake sometihng.
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