SS (and dinglespeed) gearing choices



Building up my budget SS soon and am at the point where I need to decide on gearing.
With 26" wheels, 175mm cranks, what kind of ratio would you recommend for an SS-noob, with say, Allaire, being the main riding spot?
34x18, 36x18, 36x20?

Also, if you were inclined to go dinglespeed, with an alternate gearing to cruise to the coffee shop, etc. on mainly flat ground, what would you recommend?
42x18, 42x20, 44x??

For reference, I commute 4-5 days a week, 13miles roundtrip, on a Kona CX bike. There are a few short steep hills, and one pronounced (~.75mi) gradual climb, and some days I don't shift at all, using mainly 52/17, 52/19, or 52/21, which is a ratio of between 2.5:1 and 3.1:1

Any input is appreciated- thanks!


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34x18 should be ok. Gearing choices are a very subjective matter, you'll actually have to try it out yourself before you settle on something you feel comfortable with.

I prefer a bigger chainring/cog combination as it seems to give a better mechanical advantage. You'll notice it grinding up hills near stall speed.

dinglespeed, that's interesting. I have no issue spinning on flat so I never thought of it, I think it would not look cool :D

BTW I don't know the gearing on your CX bike, but assuming it's a road cassette riding 52x21 does not sound very efficient. The chain might be crossed over like crazy, better use something like 42x17.

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