Squeaky Front Brake


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I actually had a customer that had done this when I was wrenching. Shaved head, tats, someone you’d see and assume they’re a guy, and surely would not have done what I’m about to relate. Anyway, he rolls the bike in, mountain bike with v brakes. Says he’s tried everything and can’t get them to stop squealing. I take a closer look and the rims are coated in black sludge. I wipe some off with a finger and it’s gooey. I ask what is this? Customer “ I greased them”! I’m sure I did not poker face it enough. He was not happy with me explaining to him that grease is a lubricant and that I’d have to charge him a bit to degrease everything. He left pissed off. His man card should have been revoked that day.
My lady hiker friend in the park heard my breaks squeal one day and suggested WD40. I educated her.