sprained ankles & wrists


i have a slight issue, i have noticed that im getting injured a lot easier lately. that makes me feel like an old man but im only 23.

its been happening since i quit smoking (almost 3 months now) & started riding more regularly. the smallest drop offs or even rocky sections make me hurt in my joints & on one soil sampling expedition i sprained my wrist.

this weekend i missed a step on my friends staircase to her basement & sprained my ankle. now other than that being embarrassing, its starting to worry me about my health.

my diet is definitely a see food diet (i see it, i eat it) ever since i quit smoking. im not really eating any fruits, veggies or dairy products.

what should i include in my diet to protect my joints & ligaments so that i can stop feeling like a grandpa?

any input appreciated, thanx


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Take glucosamine and fish(salmon) oil and see your doctor now.
Have a Lymes test done and insist that they double check the results if they're negative.
If you know your diet is bad, fix it now and start eating yourself to healthy.
And since it crossed your mind, quitting smoking has nothing to do with you feeling not so good.
The nicotine may have masked symptoms and smoking definitely compromises your health.
Don't even think of going back. Quitting is one of the best things you can ever do for your body and your health.
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what should i include in my diet to protect my joints & ligaments so that i can stop feeling like a grandpa?

any input appreciated, thanx

Protein and water. And consult your family doctor, some of the issues you mention are not good at the tender age of 23.


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Ask doc or do some research and find exercises to strengthen those parts. Nice and easy and in a non-impact way. Usually requires using resistence bands especially that ankle injury.


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i'm no MD!!

hello,..my fellow cliftonite!!
first go see an MD to run a test(an assessment of possible metabolic reason for arthritis) i'm only assuming.

in a meantime you might want to considered doing this diet(wich if the possitively arthritis or something else have anything to do with joint/cartilage then i'm recommended you to follow this food/diets)

recommended food
flaxseeds and cold-water fish are high in essential fatty acids and have anti-inflammatory properties.salmon and mackerel are good examples.(just like cyclopath recommended)
eat lots of fiber in form of raw vegetables and whole grains.it will help sweep away mineral and acid build-up and keep your digestive system free of harmfull bacteria.cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower also have anti-inflammatory properties.
foods high in sulfur will help repair cartilage and bone.try eating some asparagus,cabbage,garlic,or onion everyday.
to keep cartilage lubricated and healhty,drink a glass of clean water every two waking hours.dehydration has been linked to arthritis pain.
raw pineapple,wether whole or juiced,has an enzyme called bromelain,wich has been shown to reduce inflammation.

food to avoid
too much acid in the body causes inflammation,wich leads to pain.avoid acid promoting foods such as red meat,eggs,saturated fats,oils,fried foods,sugar,dairy products,refined carbohydrates,foods high in gluten(such as breads,pasta,and pastries),alcohol,and caffein.although this list is long, allergy sufferers who eliminate these foods often experience great relief. food allergy or sensitivity testing helps to narrow down the group of offending foods.
animals products generally worsen inflammation in the joints.avoid all eggs,dairy,and meat,with the exception of fish,wich contains anti-inflammatory oils.

here's the list of prescriptions--arthritis.
#1 Glucosamine sulfate
#2 Methylsulfonylmethane(MSM)
#3 Fish oil
#4 High-potency multivitamin
#5 Betaine HCL or bitter herb digestion formula
#6 Bromelain
#7 Cayenne(capsicum annuum)cream
notcayenne/peper powder for cooking.
you can get all those prescription in a drug store or parmacies w/o prescription.

note: pls be advised that this articles is not for cure or treat any of your symtomp it's only for referrence purpose only.writer are not responsible for any mistreated or misguided or misunderstanding nor mistake.
(copied from book prescription for NTURAL CURES)

either you're following this recommendation or not,personnaly i'm as an asian man this kind of diets/foods are no stranger to me(or asian generally speaking) they are my daily diets from i was born till now.

hope that your wrist and ankle can heal soon, so that you may able to ride again soon.peace my friend:)


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I had some similar experiences a couple of years ago when I got back into biking at 22. There was a six month period where it seemed like I always came home with something hurting, especially wrists, knees, shoulders, and ankles. I was strong, having done plenty of lifting for years prior...but I was not biking strong. After putting a lot of miles under my tires all of those areas naturally strengthened and developed more muscle, which took stress of of them and stabilized them. I don't have those issues any more, and it was riding that fixed it.
And do heed all the other advice about diet!


thanks for the response guys. im gonna change my diet around a bit. i am allergic to some sea foods so i stay away from them altogether.

definitely gonna see the doc to see what he thinks.

i have been drinking lots of water (at least half a gallon a day at work & some more at home) for years to avoid dehydration.

appreciate all advice, hope it works bc its affecting my work ( cant carry heavier items)


well, i went to GNC and i got GNC Mega Men Joint Dietary Supplement. i has all the goodies i need:fish body oil, glycerin, vitamins, glucosamine, the list goes on and on. my only hope is that im not going to get a reaction from this stuff because it contains fish & shrimp.

i went on a strict water, OJ & gatorade regiment (no more soda or beer to quench thirst)

tommorow im calling the doc to set up an appointment


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Since you've reacted to fish and in case the vitamin might contain the fish, shellfish or seafood you reacted to, I'd recommend you don't take it, period. Until you ask your doctor.

And if you're cleaning up your diet, you might want to read the label of that Gatorade to make sure you want to drink the stuff it's made of.

It may be less expensive to get an all-inclusive vitamin, but rarely does the potency, quality and quantity of all the ingredients add up to the quality of a single, targeted supplement. Feel better soon!


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glucosamine with MSM is what you should into. a good friend of mine has had bad shoulder issues and recently starting taking it. he injured it on the job and a surgeon said he should consider surgury. he stating taking the suppliments i mentioned and within a week his shoulder which was in terrible pain was nothing more than slightly sore. by all means SEE a doctor if you can and have health care to do so. none of us are doctors on here(that i know of, lol), so we can only lead you in a more positive direction instead of actual medical attention. also, your diet is everything. stop eating fried foods for a week than get on your bike and feel what a dffernce itll make in your ride. ive been taking good care of myself for only a month or so and i can kill some climbs that killed ME before the change in eating habits. ALSO, do yourself a favor(if you havnt already done it) and get pro-fitting for your bike. it may be putting some negative impacts on your body if you arent fitted correctly. either way, good luck and keep us posted on your situation.


... ALSO, do yourself a favor(if you havnt already done it) and get pro-fitting for your bike. it may be putting some negative impacts on your body if you arent fitted correctly. either way, good luck and keep us posted on your situation.

thanks for the advice. yes i do ride an incorrectly sized bike. i went to my LBS & they said i should ride on a 15-17. so springtime i want to get a 15" squish


feeling a bit better

well, i've been taking mega men joint supplement with no allergic reaction & anti inflammatory medicine given to me by my MD. didn't take a lymes test b/c it costs $$$ that i don't have & i lack insurance.

doc did say most likely cause for the joint pain is being overweight :(
hate when a doctor tells you that. i'm overweight by about 25 lbs (im 5'8" 200lbs BMI 36). i gained 10-15lbs since i quit smoking. i couldn't stop eating but it cost me my health. my joints cant handle the added weight that i gained so quickly.

now im on a strict healthy diet hopefully by spring i'll be skinnier by 25lbs

on a better note, went for a nice slow paced ride thru clifton today. weather is unbelievable!!! 62-frikin-degrees! i also discovered a trail hidden well within a residential neighborhood near my house. i must have traveled 1000s of times right past it & never noticed it. had alot of fun riding it.

its pretty amazing what you can achieve if you get off your lazy butt i ride a little!!!:D
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