Specialized Demo-Days


We have arranged a Women's Demo Day Saturday, April 12th, courtesy of Specialized Bicycle. Rebecca from Specialized will be offering test rides of both women's road, and mountain bikes. We are arranging for ride leaders to be here to make the demo experience as pleasurable as possible. We will also be offering discounts for one day only on women specific cycling products, and refreshments will be served. Every women who shows up to ride will receive a complimentary rose to show how much we appreciate your efforts! See you there..

We just received confirmation from Specialized on a Demo day for the boys...Wednesday, May 21st. Road and mountain bikes will be available to ride with guided tours for both. Times will be announced. Every guy who demos a bike will possibly receive a complimentary "Beverage", if you behave! See you there...

call or email the shop for more info 845-778-6604

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