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the carcass of my jekyll is still in the garage, and I am looking to build a spare bike from the components. i was thinking of going the ht or ss route, but need some advice on the build. most of the components are salvageable, including the lefty fork. Since the bike will be built around the lefty, i *think* i will need a cdale frame.

should i believe the hype, or is the ss thing really a ploy to get people make the same stupid mistake that others have?
should i go the 1fg route, or buy a standard h-tail frame and build it with ss components so i have the option to go gearie in the future?
is the winter the right time to try out the whole ss thing?
the lefty is from '03 - are there any special considerations with respect the head tube diameters that i should be aware of?
most importantly, who is going to help me build this darn thing?
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chris(cem) seemed to be pretty happy with his 1fg. personally i like something with lots of tire clearance, especially for winter riding. i like the surly because of that, but it's obviously not headshock compatible.



SS or HT don't leave that lefty just sitting there, build something up.
Find a good cannondale dealer. See if they'll offer you Cannondale's "frame trade in" program. I don't think you'll pay cost, but you won't pay full tilt either. Not sure exactly how it works, worth looking into.

No hype, just fun. I have yet to be disappointed with my 1fg. If you already have a geared bike you don't need another do ya? If you had a BMX bike when you were 12 and liked it, you'd love a SS.

Your lefty will fit any frame that can fit a lefty/headshok. Just have to check maximum fork length for the frame. You might need a shop for the lefty swap, but the rest is pretty straight forward.

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You don't have to buy a Cannondale to run the Lefty. You can change the steerer tube to run on any 1 1/8" headtube (see link). A friend of mind did it to his Ventana 29er & it worked out fine. I had an older F4000 that I converted to an SS and found it to be very unforgiving, actually brutal on anything real rocky. My SS now is a Giant XTC & it just seems way more forgiving, granted I have a 4in travel fork on it compared to the Headshok I had on the Cannondale.

If you have the parts from the Jekyll all you have to do is buy a frame, singulator & an SS conversion kit & you should be all set to throw it together.

Yes believe the hype, SSing is fun. Perfect for the winter.



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guys - thanks for the info. The lefty is in good shape, rims need to be trued, brakes are great, stem and handlebars are effed. that conversion kit opens up more options in the frame department.
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