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I'm doing quite a bit to keep the spammers away and I figured I would share with you what's going on. Being that this is a NJ website, I am banning email domains based in other countries. Obviously there are exceptions so if you hear of any legit people having trouble signing up, please let me know about it.

I am also censoring a ton of medical words and known url augmenting sites so they will show up as *****. This "may" cause problems when using one of the censored words in an actual discussion and I do apologize for this. I mainly want to break their URLs.

I have a few more tricks up my sleeve and I will update everyone as I make changes.

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And I was hoping to get that 17" shlong going

Actually a few people have had a hard time signing up but they finally got in somehow.

The latest technique that seems to be working in the spammers favor is to make the penis enlargement (or whatever) ad into a jpg file and attach it to a nonsense email. That seems to get past the spam filters which just check the text in the email. They even put artificial speckles into the jpg file to get around OCR scanners. Bastards! :getsome:
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