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While 4-wheeling and dirtbiking are the main outdoor trail sports down south, mountain biking still remains! On our way to see family for the week we decided to take a day or two to go hit up the local trails.

First place was Fancy gap VA in my aunts backyard she had a short 4-wheeler trail down to a small stream. All the trail needed was to be raked and It would have been great, :sleep: the trail was straight extreemly steep!

About ten minutes from my aunts house we went to Westwood park in NC These trails were 90% down hill and had a road that brought us back to the top. Very nice trails but they need alot of TM. Met a local that had 1,600 miles on his bike just from that place!:scared:

SC, searched on the web for trails and couldnt find anything interesting and if I did they had 4-wheelers and dirtbikes allowed which would mean the ground would be torn up and bumpy.:confused: When to the local bike shop in Anderson called the Great Escape asked the guys about local trails and they told us to go to Fants grove or Issaqueena lake. First day we tryed Fants grove, It seems like a mix between heartshorn and Chimmney rock with out as many rocks.this place was semi tecnical and needed TM. We actually did some of our own by moving a huge log out of the trail. After taking an unexpected flight, covered up a stump with a few rocks and sticks. :drooling:

Issaqueena lake was a different story. These trails didnt need any TM. Insanely:D a row of about 20 railroad ties going down a hill leaving good 1-3ft drops after each of them spaced out about 10 ft. A 3ft wide trail rounded the lake with a wall of rock to the left and a 10-40ft drop to the lake on the right. We met up with a group of local riders and followed them until I wanted to puke from exhaustion. I then realized I hadnt drank any of my 3liters of water. I layed on the side of the fire road for about 10min and drank almost all of my water and ate an energy bar. Within minutes of returning to the trails I felt great, and ready to take on anything:getsome: Only to find the sun setting and the group that had deserted us. We took the fire road back to the parking lot.

In all my out-of-tune derailer and bent seatpost held up. One thing that none of the trails had was log rides and the stick piles, or skinny bridges.:hmmm:I wish I wouldnt have left the camera in the truck!!:mad:


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