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Dear South Mountain Trail Work Participant or Local Mountain Biker:

As you may know, the South Mountain Conservancy recently submitted a revised proposal to Essex County for an 18 month pilot program to allow mountain biking in the Reservation on a limited basis. We hope to meet with the County in late January or early February to discuss our proposal. In preparation for the Conservancy's meeting with the County and the possibility that the County does not accept the proposal as submitted, we want input from the local mountain biking community. Specifically, we seek to discuss our options and alternatives in response to any position which the County could take. As users of the Reservation and participants in our trail work days, each of you has an important voice. We want those voices to be heard so we can present an organized and coherent position to the County. Therefore, we have scheduled a meeting of the local mountain biking community as set forth below.

Please attend this important meeting for local mountain bikers. We will meet at 4PM on Sunday January 25th at 40 South Kingman Road in South Orange.

Thank you for your continuing support to bring responsible riding opportunities to South Mountain.

Don Schatz

Michael Feldman

P.s. Dear Don S. had to copy and paste, it was to awesome not too..

To MTBNJ .com folks please come join us thank you
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