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Dear Fellow Trail Rider:

Our assistance with the South Mountain Conservancy’s Trash Tackler Program continues to make BIG and POSITIVE impressions with their members (see for details). Our work was recognized publicly at their Annual Meeting last week.

Let’s keep up the good work and good relations! Please join us:

WHEN: Sunday April 2nd, 2006 from 2:00-3:30 PM … Rain or Shine (Daylight Savings Time…don’t forget to set clocks forward Saturday night!)

WHERE: Bramhall Terrace/Summit Field (the parking/picnic area located off the top of South Orange Avenue – Near the access road to Washington Rock) – we will spread out from there

Remember to bring a pair of work gloves and wear something that shows you’re part of the trail riding community (tee shirt, hat, etc).

Please pass this on to anyone else who might want to join us…numbers really matter.

Thanks for your continuing support of our effort to create responsible riding opportunities at South Mountain.

Don Schatz

P.S. Future Clean Up Days are: May 7th and June 11th – Exact time and location to be announced.
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