South Jersey Road Ride April 14th


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Hello Ladies!
Long time no see! I am trying to get a ride together on April 14 (road ride) starting out at Parvins State Park.I got a email from the National Wildlife federation and they are trying to get groups together to raise awareness for global warming and to get congress to cut emissions by 80% by the year 2050.I know that seems like a lifetime to go but if everyone does their part now, the Earth will still be here for future generations.
Most of us that bike are avid outdoor enthusiaths anyhow,so no matter what youre postion on global warming my be,I think all of us can agree that sharing the great outdoors with others can be the best kind of "therapy" one may need!
So,please tell your friends and neighbors and any bikers you may know and join me for a day of fun and comraderie!
Please e-mail me for furthur details
Hope to see yall there
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