Sourlands Trail build session Sat 11/4


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I'll be there. Spreading the word to friends of mine who ride there too - hopefully they can join and do some payback. Fun trail so far, hard as f**, but it'll get better as it wears in.
Great thanks. Yeah this trail is shaping up to be quite a beast. If you clean the whole thing end to end, you're having a really good day. But yes, it will get a little less 'raw' as it wears in. Once we have the trail roughed out, we can go back and tweak some of the sections that don't flow right. Even little things like scraping moss off the rocks can make a big difference.


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i'll also be there for an hour+ can't stretch it too much longer.
well that worked out - should have known better than to think hey, i'm doing ok. 50' later punctured the sidewall - it tried to seal a couple times.
when i finally went to put in a tube, the co2 wouldn't seal to the inflator, and it blew out all over the place. i carried the bike down from devil's half acre....
yeah, i was just going to walk to the pipeline and throw it in the back of the truck, but i was hypoxic and made a wrong turn, twice - cause it would have been closer to just walk
down from where i was (on the climb to the first boulder field.)

next time.
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We had a good turnout today, despite Pat's #fail. :oops: The trail is officially open end-to-end. We still have a small bridge to build, and a bit of chainsaw work to do, but it's open to ride/hike. We'll also be blazing the trail soon once I work out the details with Somerset county.

And it has a name... Chunky Monkey. Credit for the trail name goes to @gmb3. (Runner up name was "Ego Crusher" hah).

Thanks today to George, Mike S, Mike W, Ryan, Mark, and a few hikers who weren't quite sure what they signed up for but contributed wholeheartedly. And thanks to everyone who helped make this happen over the past year.


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Rode the new trail last night. It's tough, but super cool. Nice work.

I can't say I recommend it when it's wet.


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This Saturday 11/4 will be the last TM day for the year. We will be doing some fine tuning to the new trail - Chunky Monkey.

Meet at 9am in the East Mountain Road lot. Bring work gloves, all tools will be supplied.


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have out-of-state visitors - i'd bring them, but it wouldn't help.....

thanks for getting out there.