Sourlands - New trail build session Sat 4/29


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JORBA & Somerset Cty are going to continue working on the new trail high up on the ridge that was started last year. Meet up at the East Mountain Road lot at 9am on Sat 4/29. Bring work gloves, other tools will be supplied.

If you like riding technical trails, you're going to love this one.

Thanks for looking.
I should be in. Will likely plan to meet you up at the trail so I can get a quick ride in beforehand. @J-Dro, you were right on the conditions at 6MR on Sat. Got hit by a bit of rain mid-way through but trails were pretty much perfect. See you Saturday.
Checked it out today - looks like someone's been doing some work up there - a little longer than last time. I might meet you guys at the new trail too.


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If anyone is planning to ride before TM, the best place to meet up is where 3-amigos crosses the pipeline. The Ranger should be able to get the gator with tools up to that spot. Then it's not too far of a hike to the work location from there.
Jeff took some more pics but today was heavy lifting day - I think we moved the biggest rock ever using Jeff's gladiator(?). It was even bigger than this one:

This will be an awesome trail when completed