Sourlands Mountain Preserve Conditions

There are a few random blue spray paint marking on rocks along the trail, plus some home-made blue plastic circles nailed to trees (besides the official Somerset County ones). I have no idea who put those up (and neither do the Rangers but they didn't mind them). Either of those methods would be fine, just don't over do it.
OK there's a couple of places about 2/3 in where I keep getting turned around and lose the trail. And another closer to the end


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There were a large, dead tree down that we couldn't move today.
On the old trail (ridge trail?), before the turn down three amigos along front of the bouldering area.
Might even be before the first turn down back to the rock pile.

There is a small one in the middle of new shoes - near the turn to start the switchbacks.

i'm having a brain fart on the other. it was small enough to ride over, even tho i got stuck.....

that archway tree north of the pipeline on montezumas fell farther down - I tried to drop it on Bill, but he was too quick.
we bent it out of the way. (he took a pic)

the one that pierced the boardwalk is gone, and the boards replaced. (thank you)