Sourland Mountain preserve ride 09:30 am come join the fun. (now 12/15)

Mountain Bike Mike

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This is on my radar. I have off from work and need to see what time a funiture delivery is happening.

If the morning is clear, there is a very good chance I’ll be there

@stb222 take a day off and ride rocks


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* WHAT...Snow expected. Temperatures are cold enough for snow to
stick on contact on untreated roads, resulting in slippery
travel conditions. Total snow accumulations of 2 to 3 inches
are expected.

* WHERE...Morris, Somerset, Middlesex and Mercer counties.
soooo there will be snow on top of ice in addition to wind.


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have fun guys, we got 3 inches in Watchung
this what Sourlands looks like today? and will go down to 15 tonight (magic sno)


Just got back - about 1-2 inches of powdery snow covering everything when I was there. Uphill rocky sections were an exercise in futility, and diagonal roots kept sliding out my rear wheel. Wasn't too bad up to here - the easy part:

On top, the rock gardens were tough. I took a nasty fall on this one, which pretty much ended my ride

Nailed my shin and wrist, but not too bad.

Bottom line, if you want the true sourlands experience of riding tough rock gardens and then re-riding to get better, this isn't the ride. There will be some melting, then it will freeze solid, so not sure if tomorrow will be better or worse. If you want to have some laughs sliding, slipping and crashing, go for it. I'll go if others are going, but there's a few sections I'm not riding (like chunky monkey or the steep downhill rocky section on the right down to the lot.


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Rick has to learn to fall on the non-drive side. Cheaper over the log run.


Haha when you fall on snowy rocks you go down wherever gravity takes you. As a point of reference, my lower legs got more dings on this one ride than the last 6 months combined. But I'm still in!

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