soupy mess????


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I went out @7:00am, it was not bad. Most of it was still frosty from the night before. By 10:00 some areas were geting warmed up and were a little slick. it is a beautiful day, but rain is coming so hurry up and go for a ride!!!!!!!!


Hart Friday AM

We road Hart early this morning, perfect conditions, fast and firm! only softy was on GT lower trail for about three times 20'.

Cleaned almost all of the climbs on small block eights, no dirt on bike, nice!

Great weather, hope alot of you got out to enjoy it, looks like a crappy trail weekend.


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threw the bike on the roof and drove to allaire expected to drive home immediately. was muddy right out of the lot. didnt bother hitting the orange trail cause i knew itd be messy so i took the fire road to the top and went in there. the rest of the park was dry except for tiny slicks here and there. as a whole the conditions were awesome and i had the park to myself. seen ken on his road bike when i was in the lot. told him it was dry and he was like "shit", hahahah. im glad i didnt have to ride on the roads today:D
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