Somerville Cyclery?


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Maybe not the right place for this post...

I've been out of riding for like 8 years. Bought both of my bikes at Somerville Cyclery, right on Main Street in Somerville.

Passed through the area recently and noticed they were not there. What happened to them?


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Wheel Life cycles bought them. Kept it open for a few years. The closed store speaks for itself.


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I just noticed a new bike shop going in at the other end of Main st next door to Martino's Cuban Restaurant. All i can read on the sign is Somerville Bicycle.


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Wheel Life cycles bought them. Kept it open for a few years. The closed store speaks for itself.

What were the problems? My experiences were fairly positive; good deals on the bikes and decent service (Greg was the owner, as I recall?). Although in hindsight, I didn't get much of a fitting or a lot of "extras" on the bike I bought, but I didn't think this unusual at the time.


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I rode with Greg at 6 mile about a month ago and he still has the shop in Belle Meade ... Wheel Life


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I bought a couple of bikes from there in the mid and late 90's and had good experiences overall. I was also curious as to why they closed. If I recall correctly, Wheel Life had two locations on Rt. 206 and cosolidated to a single shop. Is it possible that Somerville Cyclery's closing was a part of that cosolidation?


No experience with the former shop, but I noticed a coming soon sign for a new bike shop on Main Street the other day. They had a Van Dessel hanging in the window. Anyone know any details?
Let's see if I get this correctly: Mark Barnett was the most recent owner (before consolidating operations into Wheel Life in Belle Mead). He purchased the shop from Greg Turner, who owned it for a good number of years, having bought the shop from Somerville cycling icon Fred "Pop" Kugler. I know this 'cuz I was (for years) trying to buy his shop bike (a late 50s red Schwinn Typhoon)... he refused to sell it, because it belonged to Pop...

More recently Greg T was trying to open X-Arena, an indoor motorcross track in Trenton... Not sure the project is still alive. Greg's a good guy, despite refusing to sell me the Typhoon....



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if I'm not mistaken, Ken Johnson, my old trek bikes rep from when I was managing bike line of east brunswick..... quit trek. to become a partner of somerville cyclery. but that was back in around 1998-99 I think....... that was the last time I heard of Ken.... good guy

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