Some of the LM results are up


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Yikes. One of our beginners who grabbed 3rd at Wawayanda decided to contest the entire series after hitting the podium. He raced Lewis Morris, yet is not even listed in the beginner results. Blows the entire series for him, since he couldn't make it to Tymor. :(


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I think there are a few mistakes in the times of both beginner and expert races. I may be wrong, there were a few beginner men with the same one lap times as the top experts. Like I said I might be mistaken.

Name with held ... :)


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OK Folks, 1:43 for four laps for 40-49 expert.... No Way 25 minute laps. That is impossible in those trails. Ed Ceccolini turned 28's which is not so much "his" physical limit, but the limit of the course.

I'm pretty shure Troy finished just behind me. And I missed someone in my class by 2 bike lengths. These times don'tadd up. I'm not at all disappointed, for I know my time is actually true to what I measured. But the results don't seem to match the circumstances.

And come on, use some common sense. There are not any 40's turning 25's, never have been, probably never will,unless we can get Ned to come over (Overend) but he's 50 now... the freak that he is he would still probably would run 28's/29's not 25's. nuf said


Boy this sounds like a mess. I hope they get the sport riders correct, but it looks like the results are lost forever....


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OK Folks, 1:43 for four laps for 40-49 expert.... No Way 25 minute laps.

Seems like he DNF'd and only completed 3 laps, (if that's a real time I'm selling my bike;)) the same thing happened last year in the 30-39 field, they realized it when were there but never fixed it, it's still wrong now...Not like it mattered for me because I only got bumped from 9th to 10th;)

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