Some of my favorite custom builders...


That garbage heap thread keeps showing up on top, so this is my attempt at a distraction technique.

They are not in any particular order, but I'll attempt some form of categorization as I keep typing.

A guy who's work and website I keep going back to is Tony Periera. He is originally from Neptune NJ, which is the next town over for me... Though he builds lives on the west coast. It seems like he'll tackle just about any style of bicycle, which I respect.


If I was interested in buying a titanium frame Black Sheep would be pretty high on my list. I happen to have a bit of a fetish for the cruiser style bikes, particularly in 29er SS form and Black Sheep do a couple of nice variatons on that theme.

While we are on the subject of titanium... Steve Potts and Carl Strong would comprise the rest of my short list:

Jeff Jones has some wild looking designs that his believers swear by,


Back in the steel camp I like The Sycip brothers

A couple of guys I think of as the working class hero's of the steel world are Waltworks and Curtlo... Nice no BS designs at realistic prices.

My own personal favorite, and the guy that is building my next bike, Don McClung.

There is no website for Don McClung, and ordering a frame from him is a bit like finding Yoda in Empire Strikes Back.

There are plenty of other fine fine builders worthy of mention, and I'll save them for some other posts.


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I was eyeing the Curtlo with Ventana rear when I was creating my full suspension bike. I ended up going with Ventana all the way, but Curtlo makes some nice stuff.

Sycips penny capped seat stays are sooooo sweet. Another user of the Ventana rear suspension.
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I like how he matched up the valve of the rim to the sticker and on the other side the rim sticker to the Maxxis logo - dialed. Although for me personally, I would pull the rim stickers and maybe even Sharpie out one of the tire logos.

Heard good things about BlackSheep - one guy I've seen at the LBS has a bike from them.

Haven't used any of these guys but their stuff looks neat: - Mickey said in a post on RM that they can do custom steel stuff - I might contact him about a Sinister Ridge w/ some sliding drops.


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I have a late 90's Wojcik that was loaned to me, then given to my son by the original owner.
It's still a bit big for him but I've ridden it a few times.
A pimpin' bike for it's day, it's built solid with great attention to detail.
Since Wojcik's still around, I would imagine he's only gotten better at what he does.
I'll have to polish it up before I post it for you hawks to peck at.;)



Yeah Wojcik, I've liked his stuff for years. I always kind of put him and Brent Steelman in the category, gimmick-free quality steel.

The Tony Pereira bike I should have posted is this one,



Can't forget Retrotec:


I like some of the stuff I've seen from Groovy also, but the website isn't working so I won't post a link.

Another small company who seem to be doing some creative stuff is Wolfhound.
Need to get a smaller person onto a 29er?
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I really want one of these, but I can't even figure out how to buy one. heh

It's pretty much an aluminum karate monkey with sliding dropouts


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From the Vanilla Page:

As of December 1st, 2007 the wait for a custom Vanilla is over five years.

Wow. They sure make some beautiful frames. I love their lugs.


how can you forget:

Ben - vanilla makes some crazy sexy frames. . .

Richard Sachs says he won't take any more frame orders... his waitlist is THAT long!

Vanilla bikes are gorgeous too, but another loooong wait list.

I didn't mention either of these guys because they don't make mountain bikes :D I was saving the road / track guys until later!

Another guy getting a lot of attention at the moment is naked...

Villin from Florida have some really nice looking lines, never seen one in person though...



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I'm not sure if this qualifies as "custom", but someone sent me the link the other day:


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You going to get that bubble-butt 29er?

Don't know what I would do because it's going to be awhile...I love my Niner and it has alot of life left...His conviction of steel is what draws me to that bike everytime...Fillet brazing is also sexy as hell and he won't make anything else....I go on that site once a week
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