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Chain drive indoor cycling bike. Model: Sunny chain drive indoor cycling bike SF-B1423C. 5 star rated on the web site out of 24 reviews which I researched before I purchased. List price on Sunny web site for $399. I bought it for my wife mid way thru COVID. She rode (and sat on it) LITERALLY 0 times. That's right, she never even sat on the thing. She wants it gone. It has a small bike computer for time, distance, speed and calories and a scan mode. Also comes with a stand for an iPad if you want to run a bike program on you tube or just watch a movie. 40# fly wheel. So if anyone wants to put some miles on this winter in the luxury of your own home on the cheap this might be your answer. Manual and water bottle cage included. I never mounted it but still have it unused. I will even include the little sweat mat I made for it. I live in Mays Landing, NJ in pork roll country but would be willing to drive as far as Alllaire for all of you "Taylor Ham" folks up north if you are interested. Pics include the seat in high and low position. $125 firm CASH ONLY. Thanks for looking.


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Is that Judy Blume service area?
If so, yes I can do that. Firm on price and cash only. Thanks

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