**SOLD SOLD SOLD *** FS GF WAHOO (upgraded) You want this sweet used ride!

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Pathfinder Dave

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Bought this mighty steed in 2010 but sadly I must sell to fund other ventures.

Don't come here if you want a baby'd bike. She has some "trail tattoo's" and is dirty but rides better than I do.

I'm 5'6 and this frame is just the right size for a similarly statured rider male or female.

This bike was made for NJ riding especially 6mile. Wicked turning through switchbacks and that fork is plush af!

WTB saddle
Fox Float fork
Front and rear Avid BB7 - these brakes don't bleed!!
Mavic 819 tubeless disc wheels
Hope pro II hubs
WTB wolverine 2.3 front tubeless tire
Kenda Nevegal rear tubeless tire
Non-stock grips and stem
$400 for this awesome hardtail! Can't beat this price for a sweet starter ride!

Happily sold to a new home in the MTBNJ community.

Just want to say, this is a great site, with great people, info and resources. I've been coming here for years and the interactions have always been A+
Cheers and beers to you riders out there!
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