SOLD: $260 OBO Fox Float X2 Factory, 8.5/2.5, like new, due for a service

tree hugger

HSC, LSC, HSR, LSR, lockout switch and air volume spacers to adjust mid-stroke and bottom out resistance. The adjustability is amazing. Its easy to get it dialed in and you'll be seriously rewarded. Comparable to coil at a huge weight savings.

Ridden for 2 seasons on our local stuff, no real big hits or bike parks, certainly nothing to test this shock. I bought a new bike in '21 and unfortunately it won't fit. It could use a service. Otherwise it was working great when I took it off my old bike. Kashima is in perfect shape. Shock has barely a blemish. I'm willing to negotiate "a little bit" but it looks like $260 is a good deal. Happy to meet up, or I can ship at buyer's expense, I'd guess around $10-$12.


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