Sold: 2021 Santa Cruz Heckler MX CC $7200


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For sale is a gently used 2021 Santa Cruz Heckler S build. Size is XL however I’m 5’11” and typically a size large in other bikes. The reach is 481mm and I think the XL is perfect for anyone 5’10”-6’2”. This is an MX bike meaning the front tire is 29” and the rear tire is 27.5

There are two small blemishes on the top tube. Size of a freckle. A few scuffs on the wheels.

I bought this bike new last year in sept and have about 12 rides on it. Odometer is under 200 miles.

Pedals, water bottle cage, and cell phone holder not included.

If you need geometry and spec sheet click here.

I am happy to answer any questions.

For trades: I’m interested in pivot switchblade or ibis ripmo.



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No, but life’s been good to me (so far…)

i thought you lost your license?
you know - life in the fast lane.

BTW - nice bike.
Kinda worried about the Salvage part tho ;)
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