So this penguin...


Not-So-Venerable Asshat
So this penguin is driving through Arizona at the height of summer when the oil light on his dashboard goes on. He pulls into the first gas station and goes up to the mechanic. He says, "The oil light went on in my car. Can you take a look at it for me?"

And the mechanic says, "Sure, it'll prolly take me an hour or so."

So the penguin says, "OK. Hey, its pretty hot here for a penguin, do you know where I could get some ice cream while I'm waiting?"

"Sure, right down the street, 2nd shop on the left."

So the penguin goes off to get ice cream. Only since he's got stubby little flippers for arms, he makes a mess and gets ice cream all over his face. He heads back to the mechanic to see how things are going with the car.

The mechanic sees him and says,"Sir, it looks like you blew a seal."

And the penguin says, "What?!? Oh no, that's just ice cream.":rofl:
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