So I just watched NWD 8 for the first time ever...


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So yeah, turns out one of the guys in my squadron over here in the sandbox is this huge DH/FR guy, and goes to Diablo almost every weekend (when we are not here that is).
He lent me NWD 8 to watch, and it made my head explode a few times.

Anyone wanna go up to Diablo sometime in mid-to-late May?

I was watching the clip where Fabien Barel and another guy are flying down that mountain... I only hope I can be that fast someday.

He was giving me advice for good bikes that can do DH but still manage to pedal uphill, one of them was the Reign X1 (Jason is laughing at me now as he reads this)...
Of course I'd be renting for awhile to see if I really like it.

When I get back I'll also have to try this SS 29 koolaid you guys keep talking about... :D

Oh, remember those crappy bikes that you guys awesomely sent me that stuff for? Well, 4 outta 6 of them are all fixed up and pretty now. We go out riding (urban stuff, pretty much... no singletrack here) and he's teaching me jumps, drops, stuff like that.

- Airman out


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NWD 8 has too much wrestling for me, that is for a MTB vid. As far as Diablo, you can jump in with me and my friends and I have a FR bike you can borrow for a day or two. Good luck, John.

Edit: I guess those are JUMBO jets for refueling or something?
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My crew all has season passes and we'll probably be up there the majority of weekends riding. We'd be more than happy to have someone new tag along for a day.


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f2f4, is the man who lent you NWD8 named Ralph? I know a couple guys who are over there that are into DH, so I was just wondering.


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Nope, his name is Chris L. He has a shaved head and awesome tattoos all on his arm.
He rides a Nomad (I think? I DO know that it's a Santa Cruz) and some other bike as well.

Sean - Awesome bike, but too small for me. :(

Flat Friggin Tyres and Spylab- I'll take you up on that when I get back! Thanks again. :)

And yeah, those aircraft are KC-10s. Weigh over 600,000 pounds when loaded up with cargo and fuel. I work on them.
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