So, how many "new" parks have you tried this year so far?


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Pretty much all my rides are at Blue Mountain, Ringwood, Skyline Dr or some sort of Skyline to Ringwood loop. Occasionally I ride "Waway" or "ClimbAmuchy".
A friend of mine kept asking me if I ever get bored of riding the same place all the time. Honestly I never do, I explained how all these places are big enough and with enough trails that you could mix them up and have a complete different loop everytime. So I "gave in" and agreed to try different parks this year to see if I was missing on some great rides.

So far I think I am doing pretty good in sticking to the plan:

The "new" parks for me this year so far are 6: Deer Park, Sourlands, Kittatiny, Chimeny Rock, Sprain (NY), and some DH @ El Diablo.

If I had to pick one to add to my "rotation" it would have to be Chimeny Rock.

Perhaps, the only one left that I would still like to check out is 6-mile.

Is it 6-mile worth the drive?
So have you guys tried anything new this year?


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Well its hard to say if you would find 6-mile run worth the drive. One persons singletrack nirvana is another persons boring flat non-technical trail.

If you go to 6MR, bring your singlespeed and plan to ride fast. There is not much climbing but there is lots of twisty singletrack and roller coaster terrain. Not many rocks to speak of. A few skinny bridges with consequences if you hit them wrong. It's very different from the north jersey parks you usually ride, so it might be fun just to mix it up. YMMV. I always have a blast here when its dry like it is now.

The only new place I've hit so far this year is the Tourne. But Blue Mtn is at the top of my list of places to try next.


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Cannonball is the only new place/trail I have been to this year. Biking on the road has been a "new" adventure for me, and I am actually starting to enjoy it, surprisingly enough.


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lots of new roads but no new dirt. one of these days i want to ride with jdog and da crew from south-central. :D


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can't rightly remember if it was late last year or early this year, but i'm gonna say from november of last year:

new jersey:
allaire(rode a trials competition there once a loooooong time ago)
round valley
deer park
lackawanna cutoff(late last year)

fair hill county park- * highly recommended

white clay creek
middle run

belmont plateau

burren national park
three rock mountain
wicklow mountains national park
sli conemara
castlewellan forest park
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i certainly have. :D

hopefully i'll be adding a few more to that through the rest of the year.
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6 mile and Mahlon D are my new trails so far this year, two thumbs up in a circle to both. I chose the worst bike at each place though. (full squish at sixmile, rigid SS at MD)

Looking fwd to hitting each with a better (for me) ride =)

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Not really a "new" place, but I rode Ringwood this past weekend for only the second time in about 3 years. Not sure why, but my group hasn't been riding there much the past few years. It's as good as I remember.

Tomorrow I'm going to rediscover Blue Mt - haven't been up there in almost 2 years. I'm looking forward to hitting the new trails.

Oh, I am heading up to the Kingdom trails and Killington for the first time later this month so I'll be able to add that to the list.


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Tomorrow I'm going to rediscover Blue Mt - haven't been up there in almost 2 years. I'm looking forward to hitting the new trails.

Make sure you hit DEBACLE...awesome trail. I am still finding my way on the other 2 new trails El Capitan and Dr. Jackyl, I am not sure if I hit all the sections the last time I tried.
I'll be there on Sunday and since I am a sucker for punishment I will be taking my SS for the first time...:eek:

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Yeah, I'm looking forward to it - I've heard that the new trails are great (but aren't all of the trails up there?)

If anyone hasn't beed up to Blue Mt you really need to give it a try, some of the best riding you're going to find in the area.


I was at Blue last Autumn with a couple of chaps from here - great place, really good trails. I think almost all of us endo'd!
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