snow white


entirely thrilled
we haven't had much in the way of large accumulations yet, but we have had some picturesque winter scenery, especially this week. post up your wintery pictures here.





Does anyone else see it, does the first photo in the second set look like a sitting swan???

Great stuff Sean, as always, keep up the good work
As always, great shots sean.

I was out yesterday, but forgot my camera. It was real nice with the dusting of snow. One pond was half open, and I could see all the leaves at the bottom, it was so clear. Unfortunately, nothing to show for it, just my memory.

I think my picture posting has been shut down too. Since the hacks, I have not been able to get pictures up. Probably me.

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start a flickr account ellen. it's free. i upload all of mine there and then just link them into the picture, which is easy as well.

good stuff rey! i like your new bike.

Any more detail on that. I have the flickr account, pictures in, I used the little landscape icon to load, but I may be loading the wrong data ?? Do you cut and paste?
yes, cut and paste.

*go to your flickr account.

*left-click on the picture you want to use, so that it opens up as a larger image.

*now right click on the larger image, and click on information(or whatever it says, mine is in gaelic).

*copy the one that has .jpg?v=0 at the end of it.

*when you go to make a post, click on the little landscape icon, then paste the information you just coppied.

*click OK

*now you need to delete the '?v=0' from the end of the address.

it should show up.
More Snow White

Here's my contribution for winter scenery taken on Tuesday morning at my house in Hewitt (West Milford). Hopefully I will have better luck than Ellen. If not, I apologize.




I'm not sure what left and right click does in windows. I'm mac. I may need to talk to someone who uses both. My bilingual helper is in china right now. I'll try this again when he gets back, or start another thread.

Thanks !!
Nice. Those are beautiful, and you have an eye for cracks (in the ice).
At first I thought it was mr pixy's x-ray's.
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