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For all of those staying at home in these winter days... get out and ride!!
I've been riding my road bike on the trainer at home... my god, is that boring or what? SO I decided to get out and take my rush for a spin on the snow.
It was amazing! and this is my report:
95% covered with snow +/-2 inches, seems less in the actual trail as it is compacted from previous riders... but the traction is excellent. Just be careful not to get too excited in the fast sections as some of the icy turns may be slippery if going too fast. Also, if you stay in the middle section of the path you'll be able to accelerate and keep a fast pace but make sure you stay there because if you get out of the compact snow and go into the fluffy portion you may be in for a fun ride (loose control) as the soft snow will steer your bike (it's like riding in the sand).
The view is spectacular... I have never seen 6MR like this before. It's worth bringing your camera and taking a few shots.
The areas where you have to be a little careful are the technical section of the red trail on the other side of middlebush (away from 27th) as the rocky portion of it is getting a little icy and slippery... other than that everything is rideable and reasonably safe. Not as fast as in the summer but a lot of fun.
As far as tire selection I would recommend a knobby combination... im using a panaracer fire (rear) and michelin xc-dry2 (front). No complaints at all.

I hope you are all able to enjoy as much as I did today. This is probably the last time for me :( as I may be moving back to Florida this summer (unless a miracle happens).

Jdog and crew: thanks for tuning my machine... it's flawless! :D


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It's my Birthday!


I've been there the last 2 days, conditions are pretty awesome!! I took a bunch of pictures with my phone.



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I am wondering how it is going to be after today, alittle mush and then back to freezing after saturday, wonder if it will ne icy :hmmm:


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I am wondering how it is going to be after today, alittle mush and then back to freezing after saturday, wonder if it will ne icy :hmmm:

My bet is that it will be really icy until we get another good snow.



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Ice would suck....been off the bike for too long, I was planning to go Sunday


Farewell man. It was nice meeting you that one time. What the heck is there to ride in FL??? :rolleyes:

well, Florida is a big place. I can only speak for south florida... Greater miami area/ ft. Lauderdale. There are at least 3 places that have anywhere between 12 to 24 miles worth of trails each... Markham park, Oleta river park and others - these are man-made and groomed very nicely. In fact, trails and their respective loops are well mapped, professionally designed and lots of man-made obstacles including jumps, logs, steps, bridges, very technical down hill sections and best of all they have funny names like "the big gulp" or "crime scene" "the snake"(go figure...). So you may be asking yourself, how can they have trails like these if Florida is flat as a pancake? well, digging and making different elevations by shifting dirt around, just making the best out of little things.
Also, they are very organized in terms of safety and trail maintanance. Every rider is required to wear helmet and obtain an ID issued by the park ranger after signing a waiver form and watching a video containing the ground rules - otherwise you are kicked out.... just to avoid idiots filing law suits against the park after they suffer injuries as a result of their own negligence. Other amenities include, nicely laid out parking lots, with bicycle maintenance stations equiped with water hoses to wash your rig after you are done riding. But best of all... lots of people ride (25-40 riders any given afternoon weekedays and hundreds on the weekends) including drop-dead-gorgeous women :drooling:... very important motivational factor. as a side note: oleta is actually located at the beach so you are only walking distance from the tiniest bikinis in town. Who knows, you might get lucky...:hmmm:
So, yeah there's a lot going on down south and you are all invited! :)

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