Snow Conditions?


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Know this is a MTB forum but was hoping to get some ski touring in tomorrow anyone know anywhere where there is at least 6" of snow with no ice?


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I went to Harriman today for a XC ski. They had about 6 inches, and it covered well, but there was a thin breakable crust. We were the first ones at Sebago, so we broke track, which was tough for the first and second person, but great for all behind. We tracked the whole 9 mile loop. So it may still be ok tomorrow.

Beautiful up there with the snow.






and got in some extra miles after lunch ...


Also Minnewaska may have run the groomer over the XC loop. If so that would be a good bet.
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Nice pictures. Ended up skiing at Mahlon up to the fire tower same thing there crusty snow but still a good ski.


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Awesome pics Ellen, I really dig the snow covered rocks in the stream, and the "ride" shot is classic. Send me a full rez of them for the newsletter! :D


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Same at Stokes.The crust just makes you tougher.Going out again today cause i just can't get enough..............


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What trails do you ski up at Stokes, anything up there that isn't too rocky with some hills?

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not to harp on the place to much but Jungle Habitat was awsome this morning. the wife & I went snow shoeing up there. the old road loop had some XC ski tracks in it for a while. could be fun on the XC skis.
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