Snow Bowl


Team Workhorse
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So I was bored yesterday and since Mahlon is about a mile from my house I thought I would ride over to the old Ski hill behind jefferson HS and do some laps on it. Years ago I used to ride up and down it all the time on my old KX125. So I figured I would try it on my mtn bike this time. First off, that hill blows with pedal power, but I made it most of the way up the gravel road next to the hill without walking. Since I once took a nice header on my KX while trying to jump down the small rock cliffs on the far left trail, I decided it might be a good idea to break out my MX helmet. So I tried the far left hill, but those small rock cliffs were alot bigger on my hard tail then on my MX bike. It was a rough ride, but I made it down. My next lap I moved over to the right and hit the next trail down which was alot better. Still rough, but really fun. I climbed up one more time and went down another trail further to the right, also pretty fun. Couple things I noticed. Riding with my 3.5lb MX helmet sucks, but it proved to be useful. Oh and that place needs a DH rental store and a chairlift and it will be perfect. :D Actually the climb was hard for me, but a great workout. I dont know how steep it is, but I believe its 400' of vertical.
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