smokey's bbq


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I can offer my place up for a location. I have been meaning to post something up in reference to a fairwell bash. It should be a multi-day event IMO.


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nope, family thing this weekend. they aren't answering the phone number listed in


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Smokey's BBQ jumped the shark when 'Smokey' himself left the business. Not even the same restaurant with the new owner, in my opinion...


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well i'll give my full review as a newbie on sunday or whenever i get around to it. found the number and website, and can't figure out what the hell i was gdoing wrong last night trying to find it.


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it was decent. the onion rings were excellent. i had the shrimp and scallop thingies, which were good. wasn't crazy about the hush puppies, but i never am, so i don;t know why i ordered them... sister had the pecan catfish and loved it. dad wasn't crazy about his steak. everyone else seemed happy with their meals. it wasn't as much 'bar-b-que' as i expected. i was expecting lot's of options slathered in bbq sauce, complementary bibs, etc. so, it wasn't great, in my opinion, but it was good.

they had a winter lager on tap for $1.50 a pint which was worth the trip in and of itself...

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Never been there, but every time this thread pops up I get really hungry just thinking about some good BBQ ribs.
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