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Manufacturer: Smith
Product: Mainline Sliders (to be replaced with Thresholds)
How Long Used: nine months
Similar Products Used: standard Arnetts
Overall Rating [1-10]: 9

Positive: Great coverage for both road and trail riding. Very versatile with the ability to change the lens to meet conditions. Stay in place real well with the grippy stuff on the nose and arm pieces.

Negative: Kinda suck as a boat :D; only negative i have seen is that taking the lens out and swapping with another scratches them. however, this is purely cosmetic and does not effect their performance.

Comments: these glasses are just flat out great. in addition to riding with them, they are my "every day" glasses due to the light weight. i have sensitive eyes so i have sun glasses on constantly and i generally forget that they're there. One thing that i have to mention is their customer service. i give them a 15. they've replaced my wifes' toasters no questions asked and this time, when UPS lost my mainlines, they're replacing them. great to work with and very friendly people. i highly recommend them.


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I have 2 pairs of Smiths and they are great! I forget the models but both of them have the same quality and I have abused them a lot and are still going strong.

The last ones I got from at a ridiculous price.


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I love my Smith's. Now if they could incorporate some sort of alarm that sounds right before I lose them on the trail, that would be awesome.:rolleyes:


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I had a pair of Smith Axis interchangealbles. Definately try the different lenses cause the pair of G30s that came with mine didnt really snap in as securely as the other lenses that came with it. Needless to say i returned them and got a pair of Tiffossi photochromatics.
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