Sledding at Round Valley


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So as per my winter pact with my friends we went to round valley at the first real snow to sled down the hills and it was a blast. Then we made giant snow boulders and rolled them down the hill...the only downside was that we all got soaked towards the end. Did any of you have any non-biking fun outside today!?

I <3 snow.


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I went outside with my daughter with the intentions of helping her build a snowman. Well, being the highly independent 5 y/o, she pretty much told me to go scratch. I ended up shoveling my sidewalk and the two older folks that live on both sides of me.

She ended up with about an 8 inch mound of snow with baby carrots sticking out of it. She was perfectly happy with her creation.


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Yeah if you call shoveling 250' of driveway fun, I really need to get my priorties straight like getting the snowblower serviced in the fall. Went to start it; failed :mad:
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