Skyline Lot to Skylands Manor


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Anyone ever done this. I am planning a ride maybe next weekend and was wondering how challenging it is. I have looked at the map and it looks like a pretty straight shot. Let me know what you guys think.

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It's a really fun ride, and going in that direction you have a little more downhill than up. The trails change a bit as you go along too, from larger glacial deposits on top of skyline drive, to smaller broken up rocks as you get towards skylands. A worthwhile ride for sure, give yourself some time, go explore around bear swamp and then hit up the good stuff in Ringwood before finishing off. You can start from the ball fields in Oakland to make it an even longer epic (although I've never done that part).


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awesome ride...done it many times with different variations. I dunno your skill level but be aware that it is pretty technical.
remember to save some energy for the ride back ;)


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You can start from the ball fields in Oakland to make it an even longer epic (although I've never done that part).

That's the *really* fun way to do it. I've done it a couple times. Easy to clock 25-30 miles that way... from the bottom of Cannonball on Barbara Drive...


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I did this Labor Day weekend.

Starting at the end of Cannonball trail in Pompton Lakes, I crossed Skyline Drive via the Cannonball trail. I used Cannonball, Yellow, Blue, and Red to get into Ringwood State Park. After farting around on the race course, I turned around and went back. I Took an out and back detour along the way but mostly retraced my route. I was riding from 7am to 3pm.

You would be coming from off this map on the right hand side. maps/RINGWOOD MAP 04-16-08.pdf

FYI, When you cross the border in Bergen County there is a no-MTBing sign. The yellow, blue, and red trails are designated for hiking only. The chances that you will actually see someone on these trails is slim.


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you can't bike on certain u must use your levitating powers to get across :p

Last time I did this was during the summer, one of the '21 days' rides.
Total 40miles , started at soccer field hit all the NICE single track @ Ringwood and all the NICE single track on the Skyline side on the way back. I was out there for a looong time and also had a car at the school (Ryerson) with food/drinks to refuel for the ride back.
As it turns out, a buddy bailed out there and drove the 'Support' vehicle back to the soccer field, so it saved us a drive back to the school at the end of the LONG day.:drooling:


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is this ride open to other riders? i haven't done ringwood in 2 years but have heard nothing but the mother's milk about it.


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i was planning on doing it next weekend. Not this rainy one. I was also planning on sending my wife and friends wife up to the manor to hang out in case i felt not up to riding back. Traingin for a marathon so these rides are a bit of XT for me. I figured it was doable, just wanted back up. I run thetrails at ramapo lake and cannonball about once a week. Love bein in there just really wanted to ride them. Thanks for your help. I am guessing we can put together a group thing if you guys want.


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Done this ride many times. Some of the best trails in NJ along this ride. Bring plenty of water, food, tools, spare RD hanger, tubes, etc. You don't wanna have a problem way out in the middle of this ride it's a long way back to skyline and a long way to parking lot in ringwood. Also, save some energy for the ride back. It's easy to push yourself too hard heading out there and you don't even know it until you're trying to climb back up cannonball. I've only bonked in extreme heat when I only had 1 bottle of water.


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If you feel you need a bail out route back, Cannonball is the easiest way.

P.s. Red trail all the way is RVCC's next 5 year trail work project. Some day we hope to connect Sterling and Jungle Habitat as well.


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i just plan on taking cannon almost all the way until you have to follow the split. I have the hiking map i got from campmor for trail running. It is "fairly" accurate.


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That yellow trail is one of the most fun trails I've ever ridden, it is tech though & really doesn't give you much of a break, seems to get even worse once it turns into the yellow\white once it crosses the blue near Ringwood.

Like someone else said, you can take the blue cannonball back if you need an easier route back to Skyline
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