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I tried these on the road bike today and I loved them.

I thought they were uber dorky but they turned out to be a super product.

They mount quickly and easily. I did need to move them around a bit so that they wouldn't rub while climbing.

My ass was dry and it was very wet out there today.

What more could you ask for??

I think that I am going to try using heavy zip ties instead of the rubber straps and see if they move around a bit less.

No I have no excuse to stay off the trails when it is wet.

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What more could you ask for??

They are great if your bike does not have fender eyelets or clearance for full fenders. Also good for the quick installation.

OTOH, they do not offer the same coverage of a full-fender. They will keep the crud of you but the bike still gets covered in the nasty stuff. I've also found they do require occasional realignment as you noticed. A full fender directs the grit and grime away from the bike better.

These blades are great but full fenders are better if you have the room to fit them.
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