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that place looks like fun.

Good find


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WCC's skills area is great, and it has served as a model for what JORBA's Allamuchy chapter is on the verge of accomplishing. There has been a ton of cooperation between the two groups (Trailspinners and JORBA-Allamuchy).

Will it be as good? I like to think, based on the people involved and the commitment they have to this sport, that the Allamuchy spot will eventually be even more fun. Not taking anything away from White Clay, but improving on an existing design is a great goal.

What can you do to ensure it turns out better? Volunteer with your local chapter. Get involved. If there is something you dont like about the group, get involved and change it. We absolutely need all walks and styles of mountain biker together as a unified voice to ever move forward in this state. Look at what is being done across the country and take a closer look at who is involved. All ages, styled of riding, etc.


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I remember hearing that they were building a skills trail at wissahickon over the summer, anyone know if that ever happened?


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white clay is an awesome place. My wife and I went down to stay the weekend after seeing the place on mtbnj. within our first 45 minutes there she busted her chin open losing control coming off an elevated teeter-totter. She's alright now. We can't wait to go back.
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