Six Mile Run - Lunch Time Loop Throwdown ??


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Did I just type Throwdown ?? Ohhh well...

Anyone short on time and want to put in a hard effort and at the same time give me a really fast time to chase ??

Start @ the Canal Road Lot and go up into the field....

Time: 00:34:09
Distance: 6.74 mi
Elevation Gain: 104 ft
Calories: 627 C

Time: 00:34:09
Moving Time: 00:34:02
Elapsed Time: 00:34:10
Avg Speed: 11.8 mph
Avg Moving Speed: 11.9 mph
Max Speed: 21.1 mph


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I started a new thread here:

I have a friend who works for Garmin*, and I shot him an email last night. This is (part of) what he replied with:

"Yeah things are pretty nuts over here with the switch. Can't say I was a fan of it but then it's all about paying the bills. I know it's not real popular but the execs basically came down with the mandate a week ago and sent out a corp email to everyone. In the typical roundabout way they alluded to the fact that it wasn't as feature heavy, but that the vibe of the Bing maps was better. When someone called them out to define what vibe meant, they got defensive and started blathering on about how Roald Amundsen and Lewis & Clark would know what they meant. Really strange day, have to say."

* completely made up for the sake of setting up the next paragraph
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