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Utah left in an amberlamps. The top 20 dnf'd due to no arrows at intersections.
Total clusterfuck
I hope Utah and the others are OK.
Exactly why I decided to stay home this year. The organization seemed shitty compared to years past. Trails weren't trimmed at all and it almost seemed like they marked it from a truck (whatever was closest to the road got markings). Felt like a half effort. Guess it not selling out got the organizations pantyhose in a twist. That's the last time they get my money. I hope Utah is okay.

Soundz like this race was nowhere near the high-level organization (and volunteers) of the Stewart 45 race.


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Ugh- hope Utah is okay

But awesome showing @pooriggy!
Looks like that was a race for sure...


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The course definitely didn't get the care it needed, especially whoever was in charge of the morning sweep, if any. I know the course for the most part and Stewart in general because it's my local park, but even I saw a ton of spots where somebody could have easily gone off course. There were some spots on Beaver and Sisters, but the worst one, which I'm guessing is where most people went off, was on Escarpment right after you cross the powerlines. There was a fairly wide trail that's even more visible to the left, which I assume may connect to Horse, but the race went right towards bastard climb. As I got to that point, I saw three guys come out of there and get back on course. Always mark a course as if it's for somebody riding there for the first time. If you can't put tape up a few days before a race, tape the morning of. Telling people that the course was uploaded ahead of time and they should have pre-ridden is not an excuse. At the very least, clear the course. There was a small tree leaning right into the course, also around Escarpment, that I smashed with my fork to get through and a larger tree down elsewhere. I love SSAP, but we'll see if it survives another year.

Is @UtahJoe back home and smiling?


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I must have went by utah right after it happened and after stopping to make sure he was in good hands I kept going. Then I stopped to talk to @MissJR to make sure they knew where to send help.

What a fucking sight he was. I'll let him tell his story.

But about with 5 miles to go the arrows just started disappearing. I turned around 2 or 3 times, totally lost. Finally I heard some riders coming and hopped on with them. But the next 2 or three miles had arrows at maybe half the intersections. It was just guessing.
Eventually we guessed wrong, went for a fun loop off course for a few minutes, and the. came back into the course from the opposite direction we were supposed to. We're making a left into the turn when everyone else is making a right. WTF. At the end of a race this is just complete shit.

I'm a little angry at the moment so I'll stop there.


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Hey everyone... Im mostly ok, broken left arm, but not bad break thankfully... I was in second and we hit camp... I turned speed to 11 to close the gap Matt Green had built up on major Mike... The ledge jump on camp, I just launched it and overshot the landing, flatlanded, lost my pedals and couldn't make the hard right after. I think I rolled to the right and missed the tree but hard to remember...

Very big thank you to Ross Anderson, will crissmsn, @Chris26er @David Taylor probably other I don't remember who threw away their races to help me...

Oh well shit happens...


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The course was great but I'm glad others noticed the lack of arrows towards the end. There were like 10 minutes I wasn't sure if I were on the course or not. I was hesitant this year for $75 to sign up but glad I did it. Have a feeling the price was too steep for most people and a direct result of why only 180+ showed up this year.


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Yeah, I'd like to think I got 2nd but the last 5-6 miles of that course was a shit show. Reality is I think I was 4-5th before I went off.

I'm disgusted. After 80+ races I've done this was the only time I went off course. Really horrible job marking.

Heal up Utah.


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I was riding some of the course and had stopped in the road near the trail where Utah crashed. As soon as people came out saying someone got hurt, the volunteers and organizers were on top of things. They were on the phone as soon as the first riders came thru and they had a truck and ambulance ready to get him. When I heard it was Utah, they also gave me a lift back to the start so I could get his phone and keys and stuff and get the hospital info over to Allison.

So I can't say anything about course markings but I'll give them credit for being ready for an accident.


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Heal up quick, @UtahJoe - sending good thoughts your way!! It took me a few minutes to register that was you when I went by, and then the guy behind me told me that we should keep rolling and just make sure the next person we saw knew about it, but they were already all over it.

The course markings were unfortunate at the end of the race, but honestly I enjoyed the stuff we rode that was off-course just as much as the stuff before it. It was all good and I was happy just to ride without pain. And I got to ride with a few folks from the board throughout the day, so that was a nice bonus!


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First time I have ever done this so I am not sure of how it was in years past. It was a blast and the 30-18 was perfect. The lack of arrows were a little bit of a bummer, but I stopped at an intersection I wasn't sure of and would up picking up the wheel of someone who knew the course.


Joe I wish you a speedy recovery and hope your back on the bike very soon.

Results are bogus on this race. We need an official update on that one. I should definitely be in the top 15


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Wow. Sorry to hear about the shit show. That really sucks.

And @UtahJoe - glad you are mostly okay. When I said "murder faces" I meant other people's.
Heal up soon yo.
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