Singlespeed,29er and Dual Sus!


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Neat. I never really gave much credit to the URT bikes, but this in interesting.


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Does anytone else think the rear would work like a pogo stick? Seems like it would be bouncy but who knows. interesting...


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People just want a lil of everything with simplicity; with this 29er progression I really think that that would make it to the market soon enough. I've seen some make their FS 26er to SS.


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It is interesting, but I'm of the school that w/suspensions the less the unsprung weight the better.


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any frame weights listed on that site? Seems like it would be a heavy bike. Kinda makes me think of a maverick


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any frame weights listed on that site? Seems like it would be a heavy bike. Kinda makes me think of a maverick

I'd like to know $, also. Looks interesting. Same Plat/ox as my Salsa. mmm..
The only thing I found was a Youtube clip with the Mr.Pivotless and the guy from Mtbr.

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It looks like an old ibis design from the mid 90's.

That's because it is... or more accurately, the Ibis (as well as the Schwinn version) were designed by Castellano.

I'm interested... 6" travel... steel frame... many set-up options... could possibly live up to my "one bike to do everything from XC racing to occasional DH/FR" dream.

I remember test riding a BowTi many years ago and being quite surprised at how transparent the suspension felt, despite my preconcieved notions that it would be crap. Of course, there was no way to get past that $3700 frame-only price.

The Fango is a frame I'd forgotten about... $995 seems quite reasonable for a USA-made semi-custom frame.


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I owned a carbon Homegrown FS based on this suspension years ago. Surisingly with a first generation Cane Creek shock the bike rode very well and was not a overly squishy. Actaully I have always wanted to try a Maverick to see how they ride with a better shock and different pivot location. Interesting concept either way.


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At first I thought it was like a swiss army bike. Seems like a solution to everything, but then again every bike I have ever owned was that too.

I also thought it was a little rough on the eyes at first.
It has grown on me since the original post.
There is something 'classic' about it.


I remember the Szazbo, and the Shockabilly. There was even a Bontrager FS bike that showed up in a couple of magazines back then :) The FS bikes I've ridden seemed to reward a sit n' spin style of climbing. Allowing the suspension induced traction to do it's job. When I ride my SS I spend the climbs up out of the saddle, honking away. It seems to me that a full suspension singlespeed will require one of these styles over the other to be effective... surely something has to give? Having said all that, my ideas are usually out of date. I have to get some coal for my car.
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