Sick on bike footage from Gloucester!!


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Wow, good stuff. Definitely gives me a good idea of what that would be like. I really dig the perspective to see the fronts of people where most videos are looking at people's backs. (Note to Oreo).


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Great Post JIMBO!

I sent this one to everyone I know who keeps asking what cross is.

These guys are cooking. I hope to get there someday.



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Is there a real need to shave a mans legs for the sake of bicycle speed? I am being serious.


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Is there a real need to shave a mans legs for the sake of bicycle speed? I am being serious.
It has zero effect on one's speed on the bike. For a ham and egger like me, the biggest functional advantage is that it is way easier to keep your legs clean, particularly in light of the inevitable cuts and scrapes that we incur from riding. And there is a certain element of image involved, particularly for roadies.

The pros also shave because they have their legs massaged pretty much daily during the competition season. Having a jungle on your legs makes this a messy proposition, I'd imagine.

Off the top of my head, Graveyard Bill and Army of Fred are two non-shavers that kick serious ass on the bike. There are plenty of others.


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I dont have that much facial hair, so I only shave every other day....and I friggin hate it...I can't imagine shaving my legs...F that! too much work!
Plus I never fall :rolleyes: There is no need to shave them leggz!

sweet finally loaded the new flash version :(


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I shave my legs. Makes 'em look diesel, your mom LOVES it. It's not hard, it doesn't take long. I can shave my head and entire body in less than 5 minutes. Stop spankin' it in the shower and you'll have plenty of time:D

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