Shredly (the company) and a tale of woe and Joy


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OK... So I think every woman who rides knows about Shredly. I myself own a few pairs of both MTB shorts and chamois shorts. By far, they are the shorts I wear the most. But this isn't a review of the shorts. I actually wanted to share a tale of woe followed by a tale of joy (no pun intended... or maybe a little pun intended) and an amazing customer service experience.

Long story short: I ripped my favorite shorts. And not just an easy to patch spot on the legs or something. Nope. A nice 3 inch long rip right on my ass. No idea how. But I'm pretty sure I was flashing a few teammies on a recent ride at Stephen's. (Sorry about that, guys!) The location of the rip and my complete lack of sewing skills made for a very sad moment. Steve suggested I reach out to Shredly customer service to see if they had any suggestions. The shorts are too old (and no longer available) to qualify for replacement warranty but maybe at the very least they had some suggestions on how to mend it properly or maybe even if they offer repairing the shorts as a service. They got back to me pretty quickly...




They found some scraps left over from previous color tests and runs for these shorts. And they are sending me a couple of patches so I can fix these!!! They did offer to patch them if I sent the shorts to them but I think it would be faster and cheaper to just take it to my local tailor. BUT I THINK THAT WAS TOTALLY FREAKIN AMAZING OF THEM TO DO THAT! Honestly, it was some of the nicest customer service I've gotten. ❤️ Shredly customer for life!

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