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I am thinking i should join a riding group. I feel bad riding the trails and not helping take care of them. who should i join. haha. really open ended ? there. Also i am getting bored of wawayanda. where do i need to ride? anything that is like 15 20 min from Pompton lakes area? let me know people.


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Although it's a little more than 20 minutes from you, I'll be with a group at Blue Mtn. tomorrow (Saturday) at 10:00. Backlot. You're welcome to ride w/us.


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I where do i need to ride? anything that is like 15 20 min from Pompton lakes area?

High Mountain by Willy P, Ringwood, Skyline drive, Tourne and Lewis Morris.

High Mountain is in my backyard. I likes!!

As for trail maintance, there will be TM at Ringwood both saturday and sunday this weekend. I think it starts 8:45 am in parking lot C.


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Sprintz, Check out the JORBA board, the MTBNJ Calendar and Advocacy & Access forums for TM dates. If there is a park that you frequent, like JH or WayWay, contact the appropriate JORBA chapter or Town Cycles (JH) or Black Bear Cycling (WayWay) to get on their mailing lists for TM and group ride dates.

As far as the bike purchase previously referenced by Ben. Shop at your LBS! Some of these shops are GREAT by helping keep this board afloat, and others are very willing to share their knowledge and experiences. If you didn't buy a bike yet or need accessories, stop in to Bicycle Source in Pompton Plains (not to be confused with Bicycle Source on Line or the Bicycle Source E-Bay store :rolleyes:). Bill is a real good guy, and tell him the guys at MTBNJ sent you over.
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