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I've just replaced my Time XS composite pedals with Shimano M-540 pedals.I love Time pedals but the Aluminum model's are kind of heavy. The composite XS was nice but the platform wore down from the pedals striking rocks after about 12 months. They performed great though.

I also used crankbrothers Candy pedals and durability was a major issue. Customer service is great and they always send me replacement part's or rebuilt the pedal free of charge. I would have bought the eggbeaters but I always had problems unintentionally unclipping over technical terrain with the Candies. Too bad, they were light and not too expensive.

So I was looking for a durable metal construction pedal with a reasonable weight that didn't cost too much. The shimano M-540 was priced well and weighed about the same as the Time XS. After a few rides I'm really liked them. Very predictable clipping in and out. I like that I can dial the spring tension up to keep from unintentionally clipping out of the pedal. Them seem well made and durable. Hopefully these will last me a few years at least. So far so good.
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I have 540's on all my bikes save for the roadie. I like them alot and have not had any problems at all. A fine product.


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i have two sets of these and they sure can take a beating. great pedal.

edit- actually, i have three sets.
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I have been riding spds since 1993.

I have tried others but I always come back.

I have tried every version of spds. 540s are the best for the money. The XTRs are pretty nice but not worth the extra dough in my book.

There is a new MTB pedal from look that has my attention but otherwise nothing beats SPD in my book.



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I've got those on my road bike, and they get the job done well even there. I like the float and solid feel.

XTRs are a little nicer in the sense that they last longer without the need to touch them. I bought mine used on eBay for a steal, got 3 race seasons out of them and I'm not even thinking of retiring them. They look like a bear chewed them, but they work well, spin smooth and still no play.




540s are great!!! I went and bought a pair of M959s, what a mistake... 540 is all you need and much more. 959 are really just for show, too late to return them.
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