Shimano Dual Control

Dual Control

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Love 'em!!!

I love my dual control shifters! My husband switched to them, to. I have the '06 XTR version. You can use them with the thumb shifter if you want, but we just took that piece off.
Got um in early '08 and WOW just WOW. I would highly recommend them. I do use the thumb shifter its a great design for me.

Well I guess you love em or hate em. I'm not a big fan of em, but I guess its preference. First off, I don't like rapid rise derailluers. Since the spring is most relaxed in the easy gear, the second the cables get fowled out, it hard to shift to an easier gear. I'd much rather be able to shift to an easier gear rather than a hard gear. Also, I find when your on the brakes, it's extremely hard if not impossible to downshift. And lastly, it might have changed on 08 dual control, but on the earlier setups the left shifter was such a hard throw that we had to switch out the shifters for several women because the simply couldn't shift the left side with their small hands.
These are just things I noticed and my opinion only. Ya won't find them on any of my bikes.
I have them and in the begining hated them. It a little time to become comfy with them. I grew to love them. In the begining I used them with a conventional derailluer then switched to rapidrise. Samething again. Missed shifts. Once I became comfy with it I found them to be incredible. For me this is the most efficient type of shifting mechanism.
I highly recommend.
I switched to those from SRAM X9 grip shift during mid season last year on one of my bikes. I'm liking them so far but time will tell.
do you know anyone thats' got them on a bike you could borrow for a couple of rides to try out?It would suck to buy & install them to find out you hate them.Or instead of new xtrs' how about looking for a used set of xts' here or on ebay to try out first.If you don't like them you could just resell them without too much loss.
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