Shhhhhhh Night ride at Allaire

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Hello, I did my first "winter training" night ride at allaire on Thursday. It was Awesome. Not too many techy sections to get hurt on and lots of rolling hills with roots. It was a challenge because of the sand and the tight switchbacks. It is even more challenging the Faster you go. It was funny to see a group of 10 other riders with lights also. I don't know where they parked, but you can't park in the lots since they close at dusk. There was no moon, so it was very dark. I hear that the best night rides are the night before a full moon since the moon light arrives an hour earlier in the night and one can see a lot more. Always have your rain gear with you, so if you blow a tire you don't get too cold changing it or walking it out. think safety. I had a Niterider Evolution that lasted well over an hour at 20 watts.. I did increase it to 32 watts to show the trail to the 3 other riders that lost their lights. A petzel headlamp is a good safety backup light to carry when things go badly. Is any one planning on doing night rides in central 7 south jersey?
Hey Jess, thanks again for letting me tag along Tuesday. If you guys'll be out there next tuesday, help a brotha out and post a time or a place to meet or SOMETHING. I went back in the middle of the day today and hit that new (to me!) trail again, it was great.

If rain doesn't stop us

Tomorrow, Nov 22nd at 645. We meet at that church across the street from the parking lot you parked at. PM me.
how's the stuff to play on, across the street. evil told me there's been some nice handi-work over there. :/

edit: oops just realized the forum i am in... sorry... i feel funny now. 😉
Had another great ride at last night. Rode 13 miles and even did part of the Tiger Woods trail. Missed seeing you there Jess.

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