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SM100 was Sunday. Multiple thunderstorms rolling through the area on Saturday and Saturday night made the conditions less than perfect but Sunday was dry and mostly cloudy keeping things a little cooler.

Preliminary report and results are posted on CN:

My race was fantastic and hard! I'm still trying to figure out why I do this! I've been training with Lynda Wallenfells 100 miler Personal Best plan that I have slightly modified to meet my work limitations.

My goal was a sub 12 hr, my best being a 12:02 in 2005. I managed to come in at 11:37 according to my watch, (I have not seen the full results posted) which put me in 16th place for overall women. I will update this when the official data is posted.

Since it rained hard Sat. night the trails were wet, and once they started drying, sticky mud. I started about 2/3 back of a 500 field and managed to pass to about mid field by the time we reached the first ST. The slippery conditions and a lot of SM100 newbies made the first section a hike-a-bike which was frustrating since I knew I could ride it.

I blew past aid station 1 on a 12:10 pace but knew I had lots of miles to catch up. Fortunately things got better and I hooked into a train on the first road section of about 8 riders and we cranked along and made up time. Then back into single track and I used all my mental techniques to relax and let it go, singing happy songs.

The race is a series of long grinding ST and FS climbs, followed by beautiful, flowy, technical ST that makes you whoop for joy all the way down. Seriously, I was not the only one yelling YEE HA! and WOO HOO! all the way down.

By the time I got to the 75 mile mark I knew I could break my 12 hour mark and was looking at 11:45 and I had gotten past the "wall" and got my 2nd?, 3rd? wind. The last 25 miles include an 8 mile DH that was loose rock, mud puddles and steep and I managed to keep the rubber down. The mud puddles had an optional line where people had tried to skirt the edges, I was riding Kenda Small Block 8s, not exactly mud tires so I decided to just blast through the puddles. I was a mess but I'm convinced it was the fastest line. I had no OTBs so I was really happy and I rode many sections that in the past I had walked.

The final climb almost did me in, I was borderline bonking and forcing myself to take in more nutrition than I really wanted but it worked and I finally got to the top passing another woman on the way up and I flew down the final single track, mainly because I was just too tired to hit the brakes then rolled into the finish with a smile on my face.

One of the best parts of the SM100 is that the finish goes through the campsite and everyone hangs out in the main field for hours and hours cheering every single finisher. I got my rock star cheer and after my finish, Sue Haywood called me over to congratulate me, ask me about my race, and thank me for representing the women MTB. How cool was that. Sue currently holds the course record @ 8:11:48 but was unable to ride due to an injury.

After a shower, some Recover-Ease and InfinIT Recovery drink I started to feel a bit better. Managed to cheer my husband John in at 14:10 and even stay up to have some beer and champagne around the fire.

Race stats from my Polar 720i
98 miles
Pace 8.8 MPH
Max speed 37.4 mph
HR Average 148 (top of my endurance zone)
Max HR 173 TOO HIGH! but I just had to clean a section that 2 guys in front of me couldn't
Acent 12,080
4912 calories burned
2500 calories consumed all InfinIT Nutrition

Personal best time of 11:37 (25 minutes shaved off previous PB)

Ryan how was your ride?


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Ryan how was your ride?

Glad to hear that you did so well and set a new personal best! The conditions definitley made it tough. Those downhills were pretty slick! Sorry I didn't get to meet up with you and say hi.

It was good. Absolutely amazing course. I just wasn't feeling it yesterday. Recovery was tough and I was struggling. Each of those amazing downhills I was so energized but then it just went away on the next climb. I was glad to have finished and glad to jump in that FREEZING shower. 10:39 for me and one of the better 100's I've done this year. If I ranked em I'm probably say:
Mohican #1
Shenandoah #2
Wilderness #3
Cohutta #4
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